For an organization like PCIG the gathering and dissemination of information is the core of what we do. While it is import that we have individuals like Ethan Borger, Tom Shredd and Kevin Chaffee that are willing to do the research and share their information, we are still limited by the aggregation of their knowledge. Like many things in life the more people that are taking the known fact and building new solutions the better. If we can take what Ethan, Tom and Kevin are giving us and come up with new solutions PCIG becomes a stronger organization. In short, we need your participation.

  • U C Health Memory Study

    Thanks for your interest in the study!

     We do have a requirement that BMI must be 25 or greater……so if that excludes you, please feel free to pass along the information below to others in your … more

  • YouTube Table of Contents (TOC) and Time Line Indexing

    YouTube has always given anyone that posts videos the ability to create a table of contents that can be used by the viewer to jump to certain parts of the video. For example, in Bernadette’s video … more

  • June's Men 2 Men Links

    June's Men 2 Men meeting included a presentations by Preston Black and Ethan Boger. As promised the following are links to the resources used in the presentations.

    Preston's links:

    Androgen- … more

  • Zoom Help

    Section I

    Before you can attend a Zoom meeting you must have received an invitation. As you can see from the following image of an invitation, it contains a link (indicated by the purple arrow), the … more

  • Links of Interest

    Rectal Spacer used in Radiation Therapy

    Surgery versus Radiation Therapy … more

  • Scheduled Speaker List

    Tags: speakers, scheduled speakers

    Following is a list of the speakers that have been scheduled to speak at the Education Meeting. This list, as opposed to the list shown under the "Speakers" menu item has minimal information and will … more

  • Compare Prostate Cancer Treatment

    Preston Black submitted the following Prostate Cancer-related articles. The first is titled “Active Surveillance for Prostate Cancer: How to Do It Right” and the second is “Compare Prostate Cancer … more

  • Healing and Cancer

    Dear Tom,

    What happens when an Oncologist and a Psychology Professor team up to present an intimacy and connection seminar for those affected by a prostate cancer diagnosis?

    A lot of learning, … more