A list of article published by Charles "Snuffy" Myers, MD

  • Metastatic Hormone-Sensitive - January - February 2023

    This issue covers some of the advances made in treating men with metastatic prostate cancer who have not yet received hormonal therapy.In patients with high-volume metastatic disease, the current … more

  • Chemotherapy - November - December 2022

    It is now customary to treat men with newly diagnosed advanced prostate cancer with Lupron and Docetaxel. In a major advance, we now know adding the androgen blocking drugs abiraterone or … more

  • Immunotherapy - October 2022

    Immunotherapy has an interesting status in prostate cancer treatment research. It has attracted some of the best minds in prostate cancer research and motivated innovative laboratory and clinical … more

  • Testing - July 2022

    The processes involved in cancer treatment are and the greater the odds you will defeat your enemy. As you read this issue, consider how you might use additional testing to improve your treatment … more

  • Theranostics - May 2022

    This issue is devoted to the first successful theranostic treatment for prostate cancer.

    The strategy involves a two step approach and derives it's name from the combination of the terms … more

  • Radiation Therapy - March 2022


    This issue offers a concise overview of the major trends in radiation therapy. This is timely as some of these advances are already altering treatment in a major way.

    From the patient's … more

  • Immuno-oncology - December 2021

    Tags: prostatepedia

    We only have one FDA-approved immunotherapy for prostate cancer, Provenge (sipuleucel-T). However, that may be about to change. Research on how to harness the immune system to treat cancer is … more

  • Chemotherapy - September 2021

    This issue is focused on when to use Taxotere (docetaxel) chemotherapy. Taxotere (docetaxel) is most commonly used after hormonal therapy options have lost their effectiveness.

    However, the CHAARTED … more

  • Imaging - June 2021

    This issue is focused on the PSMA scan, which represents a major advance in prostate cancer imaging. This technique allows us to image prostate cancer metastases to bone and other sites down to 2-4 … more

  • Testing - April 2021

    This issue represents a rather detailed look at the current state of blood and tumor tissue testing in prostate cancer. The PSA is the classic example against which new tests can be compared. The PSA … more