For an organization like PCIG the gathering and dissemination of information is the core of what we do. While it is import that we have individuals like Ethan Borger, Tom Shredd and Kevin Chaffee that are willing to do the research and share their information, we are still limited by the aggregation of their knowledge. Like many things in life the more people that are taking the known fact and building new solutions the better. If we can take what Ethan, Tom and Kevin are giving us and come up with new solutions PCIG becomes a stronger organization. In short, we need your participation.

  • Mike Ahmed on Fasting

    I fast Monday and Tuesday for the following benefits:


    Helps detox my body

    Helps with insulin resistance which is a major disruptor in all kinds of health degradation including cancer

    Reduces … more

  • Dattoli on Focal Therapy

    In the opinion of most the future of prostate cancer treatment will involve either Immunotherapy or some type of Focal Therapy. Some Urologists like Michael Dattoli are making the case that Focal … more

  • Mike Ahmed's Diet

    For those not familiar, Mike is the individual that was able to clear his prostate of cancer by using alternative treatments which included the use of Cannabis. If you have any questions for Mike … more

  • StrataProstate - No-Cost tumor Sequencing

    StratifyProstate is a national initiative to provide no-cost tumor sequencing and new clinical trial options to 10,000 men with metastatic prostate cancer, with the goal of broadening access and … more

  • Prostate Cancer Vaccine Phase 3 Trial Ends

    When I see an article like this the first thing that I think about is what is a Cancer Vaccines and how does it differ from immunotherapy or is Vaccination and Immunotherapy the same thing. Following … more

  • Using GoToMeeting

    To join a meeting on GoToMeeting simply go to as indicated by the green arrow below. Then click on the "Join a Meeting" button as indicated by the red arrow.

    Once you … more

  • What is Hypogonadism or low T

    Tags: Hypogonadism, lowT

    n men 45 and older, most cases of hypogonadism or low T often go overlooked due to the fact that the symptoms may be more general in nature and slower in onset. Many men simply attribute their … more

  • How to Create a New PCIG account.

    Following are the instructions on how to create an account. All that is required is that you enter your user name, email and password. I think that you will find that the process for creating an … more

  • Len Weibel

    Tags: Discount Drugs

      On October 12, 2016 Len Weibel gave a talk about not only getting the best price for drugs but also making sure that you are getting what you pay for. Following is a copy of his power point … more