Scheduled Speaker List

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Following is a list of the speakers that have been scheduled to speak at the Education Meeting. This list, as opposed to the list shown under the "Speakers" menu item has minimal information and will show the speaker as soon as they are scheduled. Feel free to add your comments/questions at the bottom.


NameScheduled DateLink to Bio
Brian Mannion, MD 2/25/2016 Link to Bio
Lisa Andrews, RD, LD 3/30/2016 Link to Bio
Jeffrey Grass, MD 4/27/2016 Link to Bio
Courtney Rice, MS, LGC 5/25/2016 Link to Bio
J. Michael Smith, MD 6/29/2016 Link to Bio
Jim Golan 7/27/2016 Link to Bio
Dr. Cathy Rosenbaum 8/31/2016 Link to Bio
Michael J. Russer 10/19/2016 Link to Bio
Deb Burns 11/7/2016
Kevin Redmond, MD 11/30/2016 Link to Bio
Mike Strick 01/25/2017 Link to Bio
Joseph Busch 02/25/2017 Link to Bio
Michelle Johnson 03/25/2017 Link to Bio
D. Bradley Bobbitt, MD 04/26/2017 Link to Bio
Karen Huelsman 05/31/2017 Link to Bio
Drs. Mannion and Geier 06/29/2017 Dr.Mannion's Bio
Israel Barken, MD 07/26/2017 Link to Bio
Dr. Takara Scott 08/30/2017 Link to Bio
Drs. Donovan and Sidana 09/27/2017 Dr. Donovan
Borger, Ahmed and Rich 10/25/2017 Link to Bios
John M. Tew, Jr., MD 11/29/2017 Link to Bio
Kirubel Tefera, MD 1/31/2018 Link to Bio
Drs. Sidana and Struve 2/28/2018 Link to Bios
Dr Stephen Pomeranz 3/28/2018 Link to Bios
Ethan Boger 4/25/2018 Link to Bios
Dr. Sidana 5/10/2018 Link to Bios
Dr. Tom Forte 5/30/2018 Link to Bios
Thomas Bedall 6/27/2018
Peter Sheng 7/25/2018 Link to Bios
Bernadette Greenwood 8/29/2018 Link to Bios
Lisa Andrews 9/26/2018 Link to Bios
Dr. David Walker 10/31/2018
Emily Pawlak 11/28/2018 Link to Bios
Jason Phibbs 11/28/2018 Link to Bios
Rebecca Irwin 2/27/2019 Link to Bios
Rodney P. Geier, MD 3/27/2019
Aparna D. Shah, MD 3/27/2019
Dr. Lin Sontag 4/24/2019 Link to Bio
Robotic Demo 5/30/2019
Nick Morris, PhD 6/26/2019 Link to Bios
Jan Manarite 7/31/2019 Link to Bios
Dr. Sidana 9/25/2019
Kevin Redmond, MD 10/30/2019