Compare Prostate Cancer Treatment

Preston Black submitted the following Prostate Cancer-related articles. The first is titled “Active Surveillance for Prostate Cancer: How to Do It Right” and the second is “Compare Prostate Cancer Treatments (Low, Intermediate and High Risk)”. The second needs a little explanation on how to use before you can get any information from it. Following is a video that will help explain how to use the chart

Things that might make the charts easier to understand. Obvious but not stated Is that some treatments are available for some Risk Groups but not for all Groups. Provided below are links to web pages related to each Risk Group – mainly because navigation between the Risk Groups is not that clear. The loop represents the boundaries and should not be confused with something more complicated. Placing the cursor over the loop will produce a Help Text Box containing the type of treatment represented by that loop.  

As Preston states: You can reduce the number of circles by clearing the checkboxes until you just see the ovals for the treatments of interest to you. For example, if you want to see the “Surgery” oval, clear the check marks from all the boxes except “Surgery”. If you want to get an idea of the comparison between “Surgery” and radiation (specifically, external beam radiation therapy – EBRT) check only the “Surgery” box and the “EBRT” box.

If you want to see more specific information on a particular study, you can click on the shapes – circle, triangle, square, etc. Then you click “Find article” and you’ll be taken to a search results page with links to the study. I only tried to retrieve one or 2 of these studies so I’m not sure if all of them are available to the public free of charge

Link to Low Risk Chart

Link to Intermediate Risk Chart

Link to High Risk Chart