Zoom Help

Section I

Before you can attend a Zoom meeting you must have received an invitation. As you can see from the following image of an invitation, it contains a link (indicated by the purple arrow), the Meeting Information – Id and Password, and phone numbers. Before you proceed, make note of the Meeting Id, Password and the Chicago or New York phone number. If you join via an iPhone or Android App or have problems getting connected you will need the Id and Password (number). If you are using a cell phone or tablet skip to the Section VI if not click on the Join Zoom Meeting link (again indicated by the purple arrow).

Section II

The next page contains a lot of information most of what you don’t need. Zoom is an App that runs on your computer. If you try to start anything involving the internet it will (for the most part) just cause problems. So just click on the “Open Zoom Meeting” button (indicated by a red arrow) and wait – don’t do anything. This may take several seconds depending on your computer.

Section III

The next page will appear once you have joined the meeting. Most of the time you will see something in the background that indicated that you have reached the right meeting. Getting the audio correct can be a problem. The thing to remember is that if you are using a desk or laptop computer most of the time you are going to be using the computer’s audio or a headset plugged into the computer. If you can not hear or when you say something nobody responds you might have to adjust your audio connection. The first thing to do is move your cursor towards the lower left hand corner and make sure that the Microphne icon does not have a line through it. As shown in the following image if you want to Mute the Microphone click on the icon.

A normal connection will look like what is indicated with the green arrow. This states that you are connected via the Computer’s Audio Connection. To change the connection click on the button indicated with the red arrow.

If everything is working properly skip to Section V

Section IV

If you click on the Join Audio button you would see the following. At this point you should have the “Computer Audio – Connected” and if everything is working push the red button to Leave everything the way it now. If it is not working you can either change the computer's audio settings or you can change over to a phone connection. To Test and if necessary change the audio setting click on the link indicated with the orange arrow.  If you want to change to a phone click on the “Phone Call” button where you will have to provide the Meeting ID and Password from the invitation.

If you hear the ringtone click the Yes button if not click on the down arrow indicated by the purple button. In the drop down list you should have a list of all the audio devices available on you computer. This might be speaker or if you have a headset it should be in the list. If you select another device and you hear the tone click Yes.


Go through the same process with the Microphone.

Section V

If the following does not appear move your cursor across the sceen. To see who all has joined the meeting click on the Participats Icon and a list box will pop-up. Click on the X to make the list box disappear. Chat and Reactions are self explanatory and you should not worry about the Share Screen and Record.

Section VI

If you have an Apple or Android device please install the appropreate Zoom app. You will not be hosting a meeting so you will not be required to sign in or pay any money. One the app is installed just start it. You will have to have the Meeting Id and Password from the invitation. Make sure that you give Zoom access to your phone's audio and video by both not turning them during setup and allow access when asked.