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  • Bernadette Greenwood - 7/29/2020

    Bernadette Greenwood began her medical career in Geriatrics, attending nursing school and working as a geriatric aide while still in high school. A Combat Medic and Radiographer in the U.S. Army, she … more

  • Patrick McLaughlin, MD - 5/27/2020

    Patrick McLaughlin MD is a Professor of Radiation Oncology at the University of Michigan. He is the Director of Radiation Oncology at the Providence Affiliate of the University of Michigan. He … more

  • Kevin Redmond, MD - 10/30/2019

    I grew up in Columbus Ohio, My Dad was chairman of the Nuclear Engineering Department at OSU where I went to college (class of 78) and met my wife, Janice. I came to Cincinnati for Medical School ( … more

  • Abhinav Sidana, MD and Timothy Struve, MD- 9/25/2019

    Abhinav Sidana, MD is a Urologic Surgeon specializing in the diagnosis and management of urologic cancers. Dr. Sidana completed medical schooling at All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New … more

  • Jan Manarite - 7/31/2019

      Jan Manarite is currently the Executive Vice President of ABC's, where she works alongside CEO Joel Nowak, a survivor of 5 primary cancers. Jan is the wife/caregiver/advocate and widow of Dominic … more

  • Nick Morris, PhD - 6/26/2019

    I was born in 1949 in Los Angeles to Greek parents, one an immigrant, one born in the US and I have three sisters and a brother (I am a classic middle child). I met my wife, Anna, also with Greek … more

  • Lyn Sontag, PsyD - 4/24/2019

    Dr. Lyn Sontag is a board-certified, licensed clinical psychologist with a specialization in working with cancer patients and their families. She has been the psychologist on the Blood Cancer … more

  • Anish Shah, MD - 3/27/2019

    Anish Shah, MD,grew up in Athens, GA where he graduated high school at Athens Academy. After dual-degreeing in Philosophy (B.A.) and Biology (B.S) at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) as … more

  • Rebecca Irwin, LSW - 1/30/2019

    Rebecca Irwin is a native Ohio resident originally from Oxford, Ohio; Rebecca attended the University of Cincinnati earning Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and a commission through the Army … more