Luke Barrett - 2/22/2023


My background is being a certified Medical Exercise Specialist, Corrective Exercise Specialist, and NASM certified trainer.  I work primarily with Neurological or cancer patients (often post treatment).  I run programs in New York City (as well as online virtual programs) for classes built around this rehabilitation.  I use exercise and movement as the primary rehabilitation prescription.  Our programs focus on improving balance, coordination, mobility, posture, strength, and endurance.  The symptoms of many of our cancer patients can be poor balance (sometimes due to weakness or neuropathy), weight gain and stiffness/loss of range of motion (often due to inactivity or swelling such as lymphedema), poor posture, loss of endurance (both muscular endurance as well as cardiorespiratory), loss of strength, and hormonal imbalances often caused by the treatments for prostate cancer (exercise has been shown to improve hormonal activity).  Exercise has been overwhelmingly proven with many studies to significantly reduce the chances of cancer remission, and it drastically helps one's recovery from both the cancer and the cancer treatments.  We use lots of boxing and martial arts in our programs, as that has been one of the most effective ways to improve most of the above mentioned symptoms simultaneously.  For example, throwing punches and kicks on the bag or air will improve speed, power, and endurance.  It will also improve one's balance, stamina, and functional ranges of motion.  It is also a fun way to get your health back.  Our motto is 'fight for your health'.  We also use strength training, stretching, and many other exercises or movements in our classes.  
I was thinking I could talk about that as well as my experience working with post cancer patients using exercise to get their health back on track.  My mission is to promote exercise as a safe, natural, and the most effective way to improve your health, especially after a traumatic treatment.  Cancer treatment often leaves people less healthy than they were before, my goal is to reverse this trend whether it be through my programs or any other exercise you may do on your own...from biking to swimming etc.  I believe movement is medicine and that the medical industry is finally starting to move in this direction as well.
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