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  • Lyn Sontag, PsyD - 4/24/2019

    Dr. Lyn Sontag is a board-certified, licensed clinical psychologist with a specialization in working with cancer patients and their families. She has been the psychologist on the Blood Cancer … more

  • Anish Shah, MD - 3/27/2019

    Anish Shah, MD,grew up in Athens, GA where he graduated high school at Athens Academy. After dual-degreeing in Philosophy (B.A.) and Biology (B.S) at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) as … more

  • Rebecca Irwin, LSW - 1/30/2019

    Rebecca Irwin is a native Ohio resident originally from Oxford, Ohio; Rebecca attended the University of Cincinnati earning Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and a commission through the Army … more

  • Emily Pawlak and Jason Phibbs - 11/28/2018

    Emily Seitz Pawlak is the Vice President of Revenue Cycle for TriHealth, Inc., located in Cincinnati, OH.  Emily oversees the strategic direction of the revenue cycle, which is a large operation … more

  • Lea Themelis PT, DPT, ATC - 9/26/2018

      Being able to speak openly and comfortably about pelvic health is so important. I first heard about pelvic floor physical therapy while pursuing a degree in athletic training. I was doing a … more

  • Bernadette Greenwood, PCG - 8/29/2018

    Bernadette Greenwood began her medical career in Geriatrics, attending nursing school and working as a geriatric aide while still in high school. A Combat Medic and Radiographer in the U.S. Army, she … more

  • Peter Sheng, MD - 7-25-2018

     Dr. Sheng is a respected and beloved physician, Dr. Sheng provides exceptional integrative medical care, combining traditional Chinese medicine with conventional Western medical care.  His … more

  • Thomas Forte, MD - May 30, 2018

    We have all heard stories about hospitals charging thousands of dollars for procedures that any reasonable person would assume would have been less than twenty dollars. For years most have been … more