A list of article published by Charles "Snuffy" Myers, MD

  • Genomics - April 2018

    This month’s Prostatepedia talks about Genomics and how it is changing the way Prostate Cancer is being treated. For the most part,  Gemomic testing involves finding the genes that are expressing … more

  • Focal Therapy - November 2017

    This month's issue of Prostatepedia talks about focal therapy and how with the advent of real time MRI imagining has been a renaissance for this type of treatment. Focal therapy is mostly used when … more

  • Advances in Imaging - October 2017

    In this month's issue of Prostatepedia the conversation is about advances in Imaging and how these improvements could help in the treatment of prostate cancer. If you remember back to earlier this … more

  • Erectile Dysfunction After Treatment - September 2017

    There is really very little controversy about both the causes of and treatments for erectile dysfunction as outlined in the conversations that follow. But there are two themes that emerged this month … more

  • Aggressive Cancers - August 2017

    In this month's issue of Prostatepedia Dr. Myers talks about metastatic prostate cancer. He points out that in the past this type of cancer was thought to be relatively rare but in true it appears to … more

  • Advanced Treatment - July 2017

    In this month's issue Dr. Myers talks about some of the new prostate cancer treatment that seam to hold the most promise. Some of the areas covered are in the fields of urology, immunotherapy, … more

  • Prevention and Screening - June 2017

    This month's Prostatepedia talks about Prevention and Screening. The information in this article is for everyone that has been diagnosed with prostate cancer as well as those that will be screened … more