Chemotherapy - November - December 2022

It is now customary to treat men with newly diagnosed advanced prostate cancer with Lupron and Docetaxel. In a major advance, we now know adding the androgen blocking drugs abiraterone or daurolutamide to this two drug combination significantly improves cancer control. This advance is the major topic of this issue.

It is important to appreciate that the clinical trials involved have limitations. One is that trials did not include a third arm with either Lupron plus abiraterone or daurolutamide.

This has led some to question whether the latter two hormonal agents might replace Docetaxel with little loss in cancer control, while allowing patients to postpone exposure to chemotherapy. Hopefully, this question will be addressed in a timely fashion.

Charles E. Myers, Jr., MD

Rahul Aggarwal, MD
Chemotherapy For
Prostate Cance

Andrew J. Armstrong, MD
Chemotherapy for
Prostate Cancer

P14 Jorge A. Garcia, MD, FACP
Chemotherapy for
Prostate Cancer Today

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Chemotherapy for
prostate cancer today

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