A list of article published by Charles "Snuffy" Myers, MD

  • Heart Health and Prostate Cancer - February 2019

    This issue is devoted to cardiovascular risk in prostate cancer patients. It turns out that the relationship is complex. Men with cardiovascular disease have a higher incidence of prostate cancer. … more

  • Immunotherapy - January 2019

    The goal of this issue is to capture the current state of the art in immunotherapy of prostate cancer. We live in a time when immunotherapy is making major contributions to the treatment of many … more

  • Diet, Exercise and Prostate Cancer - December 2018

    This month, Prostatepedia talks about things you can do to help yourself—diet and exercise. There is a clear consensus that it is a good idea to get thin and exercise. First, it is good for your … more

  • Imaging and Prostate Cancer - November 2018

    Tags: prostate cancer

    This month, Prostatepedia is talking about newer imaging techniques for prostate cancer. As our ability to image prostate cancer becomes ever more precise, controversy over what to do with this newer … more

  • Zytiga, Xtandia and Erleada - October 2018

    The development and FDA approval of the new anti-androgens, Zytiga (abiraterone), Xtandi (enzalutamide) and Erleada (apalutamide), represent a major advance in prostate cancer treatment. This issue … more

  • Chemotherapy - August 2018

    Tags: prostate cancer, cancer, chemotherapy

    This month’s issue of Prostatepedia talks about Chemotherapy. Most think that once the cancer has metastasized and one starts Chemotherapy the best results only mean extending life for a year or … more

  • Radiation Therapy - July 2018

    P4 Frontiers in Radiation Therapy P6 Anthony D’Amico, MD Guest Commentary

    P8 Robert Bristow, MD, PhD, FRCPC Precision Radiotherapy

    P14 Charles Drake, MD Radiation, Immunotherapy + the Abscopal … more

  • Health and Tech Collaborations

    P4 Collaborating For Prostate Cancer

    P6 Paul Nguyen, MD Health/Tech Collaborations For Prostate Cancer P10 Felix Y. Feng, MD Tech World Helps Prostate Cancer Manage Big Data

    P14 John Wilbanks Join … more

  • Clinical Trials - May 2018

    P4 Clinical Trials + You

    P6 Fred Saad, MD How I Talk To My Patients About Clinical Trials

    P10 Jonathan Simons, MD Funding Clinical Trials

    P14 Ravi Madan, MD Clinical Trials + Prostate Cancer … more