Healing and Cancer

Dear Tom,

What happens when an Oncologist and a Psychology Professor team up to present an intimacy and connection seminar for those affected by a prostate cancer diagnosis?

A lot of learning, sharing, healing and perhaps even a little bit of magic!

In 2018 the dynamic team of Dr. Rob Rutledge and Dr. Gabriela Ilie delivered this transformational one-day seminar to four different Canadian Prostate Cancer Support Groups. The average score of the evaluation of the seminar given by all participants was greater than 9 out of 10.

We are excited and passionate about bringing this seminar to your organization and the broader community in the U.S. in 2019/2020.

This short video provides a sneak peek of what participants can expect from the seminar.

Dr. Rutledge is an Oncologist/ Associate Professor who combines science and practical advice with compassion and inspirational stories from the cancer world.

Dr. Ilie is a Prostate Cancer Researcher/ Psychology Professor with experience teaching about sexuality, relationships and aging.

We have made every effort to ensure the seminar are financially accessible to your community; we're committed to make this work for you.

If you’re interested in offering this seminar to your members in 2019, just email us at info@healingandcancer.org or call us on 902-489-6423 and we’ll discuss dates and logistics.

We look forward to connecting with you very soon,


Healing and Cancer Team for
Dr. Rob Rutledge, MD, FRCPC
Radiation Oncologist, Nova Scotia Cancer Centre
Associate Professor, Dalhousie University
Chair and CEO, Healing and Cancer Foundation