Genomics - April 2018

This month’s Prostatepedia talks about Genomics and how it is changing the way Prostate Cancer is being treated. For the most part,  Gemomic testing involves finding the genes that are expressing themselves and use that information to measure the aggressiveness of the prostate cancer. There are several tests that are available, Decipher, Oncotype and Prolaris but it appears that Decipher Grid shows the most promise. This test not only determines the type of cancer but if  the cancer will responed to a certain type of treatment. Last year we had Dr. Takara Scott from Decipher talk to our group if you would like to listen to her presentation click here. The article talks about using genomic information to repair DNA mutations – BRAC2 and ATM. Following are links to this article and all the Prostatepedia articles.

Link to Genomics article