Erectile Dysfunction - September 2018

Tags: Erectile Dysfunction, Erectile Dysfunction after treatment, prostate cancer

This month's issure talks about Erectile Dysfunction After Treatment. Following is a link to this month's issues and a list of all the articles. 

P4 Talking About Erectile Dysfunction

P6 David Houchens, PhD Guest Commentary

P8 Mohit Khera, MD Treating ED After Cancer

P12 Arthur Burnett, MD Erectile Dysfunction + Cancer Treatment

P14 Irving Kaplan, MD Erectile Dysfunction After Radiation

P16 Sarah Hawley, PhD, MPH Can You Self-Manage Your Symptoms?

P20 Neil Desai, MD, MHS Sex After Stereotactic Ablative Body Radiotherapy

P24 Cancer and Finances Don’t Mix, but There is Hope Jamie Bearse

P26 Patients Speak Brian M: Dealing With ED

P30 A Spouse Offers Advice: Build a Strong Foundation

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