For an organization like PCIG the gathering and dissemination of information is the core of what we do. While it is import that we have individuals like Ethan Borger, Tom Shredd and Kevin Chaffee that are willing to do the research and share their information, we are still limited by the aggregation of their knowledge. Like many things in life the more people that are taking the known fact and building new solutions the better. If we can take what Ethan, Tom and Kevin are giving us and come up with new solutions PCIG becomes a stronger organization. In short, we need your participation.

  • How to Use Flipbooks

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  • Using Zoom Chat

    We have found over the past couple of years that Zoom meetings take on a whole new dimension when we have an active Chat going on in the background. We have previously talked about using Zoom Chat, … more

  • Setting up Google Alerts

    Following are the slides that Chip Bole use in his presentation on 1/12/21.


  • Prostate Cancer International Flyer

    Starting in May of 2021, the Educational Meetings will be suspended in favor of a Prostate Cancer Educational Series. The underlying theme of these meetings will be “Making Well-Informed Management … more

  • Ohio Coronavirus Vaccination Charts

    Following is just an image. To go to the actual website Click on the following link

    Click here to go to the dashboard. 


  • Epstein Webinar - 12/31/20

    If you are interested in attending a webinar featuring Dr. Johathan Epstein titles: Critical Issues of Grading Prostate Cancer for Patients Considering Active Surveillance click on the following … more