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  • Andrew Gillihan, MD - 3/27/2024

    Dr. Gillihan is a native Idahoan that was born in Boise, Idaho. His family relocated to Tumwater, Washington, in 2002, where he lived for almost ten years before relocating back to Boise to … more

  • Edward Crane, MD - 2/28/24

    Dr. Crane is driven by the desire to help people is why he decided to study medicine. He chose oncology as a specialty because he enjoys caring for the whole person and forming long-term … more

  • Abhinav Sidana, MD - 10/25/23

    Abhinav Sidana, MD is a Urologic Surgeon specializing in the diagnosis and management of urologic cancers. Dr. Sidana completed medical schooling at All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New … more

  • Takara A. Scott, Ph.D. -9/27/2023

    Tags: speaker, Takara Scott MD


    Dr. Takara Scott was born and raised on the island of St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands. She settled in Atlanta and completed her Bachelor of Science degree with honors of magna cum laude  … more

  • Kevin Redmond, MD - 8/30/2023

    I grew up in Columbus Ohio, My Dad was chairman of the Nuclear Engineering Department at OSU where I went to college (class of 78) and met my wife, Janice. I came to Cincinnati for Medical School ( … more

  • Amar U. Kishan, MD - 7/26/2023

      Dr. Amar U. Kishan, Associate Professor, is the Vice-Chair of Clinical and Translational Research and Chief of the Genitourinary Oncology Service for the Department of Radiation Oncology … more

  • Shaylind Benson, ND (Natuopathic Doctor) 6/28/23

    After getting his degree in psychology, Dr. Shaylind Benson switched his focus to natural health and nutrition, graduating from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine with a Doctor of … more