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Tags: Alternative treatment, marijuana, cannabis, Rick Simpson Oil, RSO

Mike Ahmed is a father and successful business man that was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2013. With the help of his son, Mike decided to treat his cancer with the use of Cannabis (Marijuana) Oil. As you will hear in the video, Mike was able to achieve total remission of the cancer. The first tape features Mike talking about his journey and how by using Alternative Medicine and change in diet was able to achieve this remarkable feat.

The second video is Mike’s son Jamie talking about the technique aspects of being treated with Cannabis Oil. His talk centers on the production of Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), a highly concentrated version of Cannabis Oil that was use by Mike in his battle with cancer.

The third video is a You Tube Video on Rick Simpson Oil that should be of interest to anyone considering this type of treatment.

Alternative Prostate Cancer Treatment: Part 1

Alternative Prostate Cancer Treatment: Part 2