Let yourself be heard

Tags: member information, speakers, topics of interest

In January at the Education Meeting a survey was taken to try and determine the direction that Prostate Cancer Information Group (PCIG) should take.  The main emphasis of the discussion was to try and determine where member interests lie, try to develop programs and bring in speakers that match those interests. If you were not able to attend the meeting or you were at the meeting and have additional thoughts about what direction PCIG should take please let us know.

Below is the list of what those that attended the meeting expressed as an interest. The first ten show the number of votes received. It is important that we hear from you to make sure that PCIG is meeting your needs. If you agree with the list, think the list needs to be tweaked or is missing something that is important to you then let us know. Speakers provide an invaluable service to our organization so if you have a speaker in mind or have a subject that you would like to hear someone speak about, please let us know.

  • Eating and Nutrition 164
  • Treatment of Advanced Prostate Cancer  159
  • Exercising and being physically active/feeling too tired to do the things you need or want to do 116
  • Worrying about the Future and What lies ahead  100
  • Intimacy 97
  • Health Insurance or money worries  89
  • Thinking clearly (chemo brain) 71
  • Sleep Problems   71
  • Changes or disruption in work, school or home life  60
  • Moving around (walking climbing stairs, lifting, ect.) 60
  • What is available surgery wise for incontinence? 
  • Genetic Mutation test-Hereditary: Children's Hospital Genetic Counselors
  • New advances in treatment
  • Monitoring tools/scans/tests for disease progression new technologies.  Immunotherapy and other new treatment techniques, focal treatment
  • Genetic markers have they found so far for prostate cancer   what's the future for this?
  • Newer advancements on treating prostate. Pros and cons "wait and see" techniques
  • Justin Cox said he'd be willing to come talk on a prostate cancer topic of your choice  Christ Hospital Urology, Robotics Surgeon, his partner
  • Reed Shank does not perform surgeries, but was fantastic with educational presentations of time (2 hrs) and materials and answering questions.