Lyn Sontag, PsyD - 4/24/2019

Dr. Lyn Sontag is a board-certified, licensed clinical psychologist with a specialization in working with cancer patients and their families. She has been the psychologist on the Blood Cancer Center at Jewish Hospital/Mercy Health for 14 years and regularly presents locally and nationally to medical professionals, patients and caregivers on psychological aspects of cancer and chronic-illness.
When going through a major life transition, establishing a relationship of trust, safety and respect with a trained and experienced practitioner is an important step. My practice is open to adults at any stage of transition or life-stage, their families, friends and partners. I am a cis-gender woman with over 30 years of experience as a psychotherapist and advocate.
I specialize in individual therapy with a humanistic and interpersonal orientation, relationship therapy, sex therapy, and practical advocacy. I provide tools and techniques along with compassionate and empathetic care to maximize your ability to reach your therapy goals and improve the quality of your life and relationships.
It is my goal to guide you to becoming comfortable with your most authentic self. I invite you to set up an appointment for an initial 60-minute consultation to assess your interests, needs and goals.
Lyn Sontag, PsyD
4777 East Galbraith Road
Cincinnati, OH 45236

Dr. Sontag's Power Point Presentation