Patrick McLaughlin, MD - 5/27/2020

McLaughlin Patrick McLaughlin MD is a Professor of Radiation Oncology at the University of Michigan. He is the Director of Radiation Oncology at the Providence Affiliate of the University of Michigan. He completed a medical oncology fellowship at the University of Michigan, immediately migrating to radiation oncology. He is board certified in medical and radiation oncology.

His major research interest is in technical advances in prostate cancer radiation (internal and external). This work culminated in the development of vessel sparing radiation, the radiation equivalent to nerve sparing surgery. In 2016 sexual preservation approaching 90% was reported in Lancet Oncology (see Functional Anatomy and Vessel-Sparing Radiation video). He continues intensive technical research with the goal of full function preservation following radiation.

In addition to radiation research he proposed the right brain, left brain, soul brain model of holistic care, realized in brick and mortar spaces at the Assarian Cancer Center. This model proposes that different personalities need very different elements to come to peace. This is presented in brief at under Healing Arts.

His personal statement:

I am a proud father of 4 grown children with three grandchildren. I am an amateur musician, composer, and an avid golfer. While my research has been technical, the joy of medicine for me is witnessing the profound adaptations of patients and families to the challenge of serious illness. Some of the most important things I know about life I have learned from my patients. I have a career-long log of stories I will be publishing online in serial installments at under the title Prognosis: Cure, Control, Coexist, and Escape. I have posted the introduction and monthly additions will follow. I have written a eulogy and musical tribute to one remarkable patient named Katherine, posted in the Music section of, titled Tribute to Katherine. I have also written a musical about the role of personality in prostate treatment decisions, that is available at

Research/Clinical Interests:

  • Functional Anatomy in Prostate Cancer Treatment Planning


  • Bachelors Degree Wayne State University 1977
  • Medical Degree: Wayne State University 1981
  • Internal Medicine: Beaumont Hospital 1984
  • Medical Oncology: University of Michigan 1987
  • Radiation Oncology University of Michigan 1990

Board Certifications & Licenses:

  • Internal Medicine
  • Medical Oncology
  • Radiation Oncology

Hospital Appointments

  • VA Medical Center (University of Michigan) 1990-92
  • Providence Cancer Centers 1992-present

Professional memberships

  • AMA
  • ASCO
  • ABS

Peer Reviewed Publications (Recent):

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