Joseph Busch, MD and Kathy Wiley - 2/22/2017

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Kathy Wiley BS, RT (N), (CT), (MRI), CNMT (PET) has worked in Radiology for thirty-six years.  She retired in 2014, having worked the past sixteen years with cancer patients.  In 2010, she trained with Dr. Barentsz’s technologist on how to perform mpMRI (Multi-Parametric MRI) of the Prostate. While working with Prostate Cancer patients it became very evident to her that there was a major need for information (what, when and where). She was getting the same questions from every patient that she spoke with. In 2015 Kathy decided to start the Prostate Resource Foundation.  The foundation is shedding light on Prostate Health from elevated PSA, BPH, Imaging, Biopsies, treatment etc.  After a very long year of paper work, meetings and fees in November 2016, she received her 501C3. 

Dr. Joseph Busch had an outstanding vision to bring the best radiology practice to the Chattanooga and North Georgia areas as one of the founders of Diagnostic Radiology Consultants. He completed his undergraduate studies at University of Tennessee in Knoxville and earned his medical doctorate at acclaimed University of Tennessee in Memphis. He completed his internship at USPHS Hospital in New Orleans, where he was General Medical Officer, and Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis. Then Dr. Busch was called upon to serve his country for two years as a general medical officer in the USPHS at Merchant Marine facilities in the United States during the Vietnam War. Following this for two years served in a Tennessee National Guard M.A.S.H. unit. After his military service, he returned to the esteemed University of Tennessee in Memphis to finish his residency in Diagnostic Radiology and was honored as Chief Radiology Resident. He was in the first class to complete all diagnostic radiology residency.

He has immensely enjoyed traveling nationally and internationally speaking on the field of Diagnostic Radiology. He currently speaks internationally and nationally on diagnostic PET/CT. He was keynote speaker at the Stanford University Molecular Symposium in 2009. Through the years Dr. Busch has written several renowned publications and literatures. Dr. Busch has been a leading example by using his knowledge to serve the medical community in various organizations and associations including Chattanooga Regional Oncology Association, Clinical Advisor for A.P.S. Alliance and Sunhealth Alliance Imaging Advisory Committee. He has faithfully served DRC in such capacities as Medical Director of Diagnostic PET/CT of Chattanooga and Director of Diagnostic Imaging Center. He has three children, one of whom also practices with DRC, Dr. James Busch. He currently is involved in guidelines for imaging in the field of prostate cancer.

MpMRI of the Prostate was started by Dr. Busch in Chattanooga, Tn in 2010.  Dr. Busch was trained by Dr. Jelle Barenstz in the Netherlands in 2010 on mpMRI on how to perform, read and report prostate scans.  Dr. Busch was also trained by Dr. Barenstz on how to perform targeted biopsy of the prostate in the MRI scanner.  Dr. Busch is part of the European working group and the USA working group in Boston to setup the PIRADS reporting criteria.  He has lectured and taught mpMRI at the Johns Hopkins, Scottsdale, Arizona, Netherlands, Istanbul, Turkey and Austin, Texas. 

Dr. Busch has read over 5,000 mpMRI scans and performed over 500 MRI targeted biopsies.

Dr. Busch is interpreting F18 Axumin PET/CT scans.   


University of Tennessee
Diagnostic Radiology
Memphis, TN 1972-1976

USPHS Hospital
New Orleans, LA 1971-1972

Baptist Memorial Hospital
Memphis, TN 1970-1971

Medical School
University of Tennessee
Doctor of Medicine
Memphis, TN 1967-1970

University of Tennessee
BS Biology
Knoxville, TN 1963-1967

American Board of Radiology

Professional Affiliations
BEST Practices: PET/CT, coauthor and member
ICIS: International Cancer Imaging
ESUR: European Society of Urological Radiology
European Prostate Cancer MR Guideline Committee
International Prostate MR Working Group
ADME TECH Foundation
RSNA: Radiological Society of North America
ACR: American College of Radiology
RST: Radiological Society of Tennessee
Chattanooga Regional Oncology Association, President 2007-2009
Chattanooga Regional Oncology Association, President Elect 2006-2007

Publications, Literature and Experiences:

Cover Article, Decisions in Imaging Economics, October-November 1996.

Diagnostic Imaging, Fall 1999, "Digital Fluororadiography", Tennessee Radiological Society.

Imaging Economics, August-September 1997. "Rural Radiology".

Over 75 presentations nationally and internationally in field of Diagnostic Radiology, 1990-2011.

Radiology - Blastomycosis, 1976.