Using GoToMeeting - Joining an Exiting meeting

Before we start there are a couple of suggestions that may help make the process of Joining a GoToMeeting session a success. First it is suggested that you connect to a High Speed Wired connection instead of a WiFi connection. Next the use of a Headset with microphone is preferred to using a built in speaker and microphone. 

The meeting organizer will email an invitation to all the participates. Following is an example of the Invitation:

The Green Arrow indicates the time of the meeting. Normally the organizer will start the meeting before this time but if not you will be notified that the meeting has not been started and to standby. The first Red Arrow is the link that you will click on to get to the meeting. The second Red Arrow is the access code and should be written down in case something happens. Next click on the link indicated by the first Red Arrow. The following will appear:

Click on the "Join on the Web" button. This process is much faster then installing an App.

If this is your first time using GoToMeeting there is a possibility that the Audio on your computer is not setup to use GoToMeeting and the following screen will appear. 

As indicated, there should be an Icon in the upper right hand corner of the Web Browser. Once you click on this icon the following is shown.

Change the Radio Button so that your selection is like what is shown above and click Done. Again if you do not see any of these dialog boxes your audio should be ready to go.

Most computers are setup with more than one Microphone and Speaker source. If you have a choice between external speaker and a headset most of the time the headset is the better choice. As shown below the Logitech USB Headset is selected (indicated by the fact the Default is indicated). If this is not what is shown on your computer and you want to change the selection, click on the down arrow to the right of the input box. To test the sound click on the link indicated by the Green Arrow.

Once you have selected your Audio equipment push the Done Button.

At this point you will need to identify yourself. You can put anything in the following.

Along the bottom of the screen you should see the following four icons. 

These icons give you the ability to control how you want to participate in the meeting. For example, if you have a laptop with a Camera you would click on the Camera Icon to turn the Camera on. There are situations where you might want or need to use a Phone to talk to the group but most of the time you will want to use your Computer (using a headset). It is for this reason that if a Phone icon is shown it must be changed. To do this click on the Phone icon and the following will show.

To change from Phone to Computer click on the Computer Radio button as shown by the Red Arrow. If you want to test the sound click on the icon indicated by the Green Arrow. You can now click on the "X" in the upper righthand corner.

If you want to Present to the Group then you will be made the Presenter and you will receive notification in the form of a Popup Box. Inorder for you to share your screen you must click on the Screen Icon (shown above). If you have more than one Screen the following will appear.

Depending on what you want to show you will select Screen 1 or 2 by clicking on the representation of the correct screen. This will activate the Share button.

Problem Joining the meeting

In the unlikely event that you click on the link to the meeting and nothing happens write down the Access Code and go to This will take you to the following web page where you can manually complete the Join Meeting process:

Next click on the Join Menu Item in the upper righthand corner (indicated by the Red Arrow). The following page will appear allowing you to enter the Access Code which should:


Simple follow the instructions and click on the Join button to complete the process.