Coronavirus-19 - March 2020

Tags: prostate Cancer, Cononavirus

We are now in the midstof the Covid-19 pandemic.Men with prostate cancerare overwhelmingly in theage groups that experiencethe greatest risk of seriousillness and death from this viral illness. With this in mind,we have interviewed several of the lead clinicians on how they manage the risk of this viral disease in their prostate cancerpatients. One general theme thatemerged is that prostate cancer patients on chemotherapy maybe at greatest risk. It would seem reasonable for such patientsto take extra precautions to avoid exposure to this virus.

For patients with extensive,newly diagnosed metastaticdisease, taxotere plus an LHRH agonist like Lupron is effective treatment and commonly recommended.

However, another set of options would be to combine an LHRH agonist with one of the new antiandrogen drugs, such asenzalutamide. If you are in thissituation, you might want todiscuss this option with yourmedical oncologist.

Charles E. Myers, Jr., MD

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